Zanti APK: Simplifies all Mobile Security Audits

With time there are many smart phone apps coming up which is helping security managers to assess different levels of the network. The all new zanti apk is a testing toolkit which allows security experts to asses different risks associated to the network with a push of button. This app is easy to use and it helps IT security administrations to simulate attackers and identify all malicious techniques used by them to compromise corporate network. With this zanti apk you can uncover backdoor, authentication, brute force attacks and various other aspects just by using customizable network scans.

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With zanti apk downloadusers can diagnose all vulnerabilities within websites or mobile devices using several penetration tests which include password cracking, metaspoil, MITM or man in the middle. There are many security gaps in mobile defenses and existing network, this app helps you to report the results with advanced technique. The app mirrors all methods a cyber attacker can use to find security holes within the network. Use of this app is useful and you can download it for free from the store.

Things you can do with Zanti apk

With zanti apk mod apk downloadusers will get wide range of features. This new app will change the device’s MAC address, it will help you create malicious hotspot, hijack HTTP sessions and capture downloads at ease. The app is also effective in modifying the HTTP responses and requests. There are plenty of other features coming up with the app which makes it worth a use.