You Should Try New Notification style: Download iNotyApk!

Technological advancement is a constant and it has made remarkable impact in the sphere of smart phones and its operating systems. Mobile operating systems are software’s that facilitate smart phones to run various programs and applications. Two leading ones that rule the world of mobile OS are Apple iOS and Google Android; the former being used in iPhones which is a style statement. This article explains about iNoty apk

iNoty apk

iNoty apk is an app that provides the feel of iOS in an Android environment. It makes the Android phone notification centre get the iPhone theme. The latest version iNoty style OS 10 gives Android users the feel of working in iOS 10! iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S can operate use iOS 10. Buying one is a serious pocket pinch, isn’t it? The latest app has brought a smile on their faces. Or you can try iNoty apk downloadwith customizes status bar.

Why use iNotyapk?

It will show features as is part of every operating system. Status bar, date-time notifications, battery level, sim-provider, data network and Bluetooth signal are amongst many of the features the app displays. Features namely rotate screen, lock screen, mode (airplane, silent and vibration) changing, customisation of app shortcuts, systems settings have added to the utility of the app.

Why not to use iNotyapk?

Reviews suggest that the app comes with a fair share of bugs. The Bluetooth sign staying on for ever, popping up of ads now and then, weather part failing to show results and the app getting frequently disabled by it are some of the reported ones.

iNotyapk may have brought along with it many a features and gives users a feel of using an iPhone but it requires improvement. The time may not just be the right to iNotyapk download and use the app.