Using faceniff apkto sniff on other user Facebook sessions

With the all new faceniff apk users can sniff on Facebook web sessions of his or her friends on the same network. Almost very individual are using social networking platforms these days, use of these hacking tools make it easy for users to get details about the session. Often individuals look for ways to hijack other user’s Facebook session; with use of this free tool you can do it at ease on the same network. This faceniff apkworks easily and you can download the app from play store for free.

Getting the faceniff apk


faceniff apk


With faceniff apk downloadusers get to find some amazing features and it is worth a use if you want to hijack Facebook sessions. Downloading the latest version of the app is free, install it on your device and start using at ease. Using this all new app is easy, once it is installed in the device you can easily scan the network for all unsecured web sessions which can be easily hijacked. The best thing about this app is that it won’t let the other user know that you have accessed his or her account. Check all their web sessions and other details without letting them know that you have hijacked their account.

How long you can hijack?

Seeing the features many users around the world are making the most of the opportunity to faceniff apk mod apk downloadand your hijacking will last as long you are on the same network and the victim is still logged into what you have intercepted. As they log out or stop using the network, you will be automatically logged out.