Spotify Premium Apk: Why You Should Be Going for the Premium Version?

Many people may argue against getting the spotify premium apk, as the free version is already available in markets and is enjoyed by people too. There are actually loads of new and exciting features that Spotify premium offers, which is causing people to get this premium version very fast.  These features which the new version of the app provides will be listed over here.

spotify premium apk


You will be now able to listen to your favorite numbers without the interruptions of advertisements. These ads are really disturbing and bring down the entire listening experience in the free version of Spotify. You get to listen to songs offline too with the help of Spotify. Your device needs to be online once a month and you can download nearly 10000 songs across three devices for offline listening. Hence even without internet there will be music for you.

Latest releases

You get to hear the latest songs on Spotify first and then on other places, as there are exclusive releases by artists. Music quality is something that these people keep in mid early and you can listen to songs at 160 kbps or even at 320 kbps. The spotify premium mod apk download is also utilized by some people nowadays.

spotify premium apk


For getting premium version you need to spend some extra money. If you are not satisfied with the premium version, then you can cancel your subscription at will too. The spotify premium apk download has become a favorite music app for many people in recent times.