Geometry Dash Apk: How You Will Navigate Your Way Through Obstacles?

If you are planning to download, geometry dash apk then you have to keep in mind that it is a platforming based game and has 21 levels at present. The different levels have special features to offer. Each level has particular background music. You will find features such as maps, secret coins and different kinds of icons in latest versions of this game.

geometry dash apk


To control different vehicles in this game, you need to click or tap on your mobile screen. The speed at which a vehicle or icon is moving is beyond user’s control. The rhythm of in game music and its timing are often known to play important parts on course of this game. They are often related to each other and determines progress in this game.


After you have made the geometry dash apk download and began playing this game, you will come across 21 levels here, 18 of which are unlocked right from the start. Reward for completing each of this game’s levels is different secret coins. The level of difficulty in these levels vary, some are really easy to pass whereas others are really quite difficult.

Various versions

The popularity of the geometry dash game has resulted in release of various versions of this particular game. The Geometry Dash Sub Zero is the latest version to hit mobile gaming market. The geometry dash mod apk download will help you progress through this game really easily. The latest game in this series is a stand-alone one.