Bloons Td 5 Apk: Learn More about Game Objective and Become a Master

When you have downloaded bloons td 5 apk, you will realize that it is basically a game of defending towers. Initially it was developed as a browser game but later expanded for mobiles as well as PlayStation. In the game, your objective would be to prevent the bloons or balloons to reach the end of a particular path by placing towers between them. You can choose different kinds of towers and traps.

bloons td 5 apk


There are different ways by which you can stop these balloons. You can glue as well as freeze them, giving your towers more time to spring up. These balloons or bloons come in different colors, such as white red, yellow etc. each represent a certain degree of toughness or difficulty for you. If a bloon reaches end of a path, then you will be losing a life in this game.

Level of difficulty

There are basically 4 difficulty levels present in the game. The maps present can also be classified according to difficulty, ranging from beginner to extreme. With increasing in difficulty levels, a player has lesser lives. Downloading of bloons td 5 mod apk download can ease your difficulties considerably.

Bloons 5

The Bloons td 5 released in market, with improved graphics. There were upgrades for towers as well as for bloon types. Features such as daily challenges were found in this version. The bloons td 5 apk download is hence something really enjoyable for all fans of this series. Bloons td 6 is the latest game of the series.